Welcome to the Biomolecule and Plant Biotechnology (BBV) website, a research Laboratory at the University of Tours, France.

Bienvenue sur le site web de l'équipe de recherche Biomolécules et Biotechnologies Végétales (BBV) EA2106, de l'Université de Tours, France.


The BBV research Laboratory, directed by Pr Nathalie Guivarc’h, primarily focuses on plant specialized metabolism with facilities located at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Park Grandmont campus, at the University François-Rabelais in Tours, France ( or ). The laboratory has actives programs in research, education and interaction with industry. Our focus is on deciphering plant specialized metabolism pathways and regulation to have a best integrate view of these complex physiological mechanisms. We aim also to develop molecular and/or cellular tools in order to prospect biotechnological applications to create or optimize simple biological systems that would produce metabolites of great and economical or pharmaceutical interest.

The BBV research unit is fully equipped for plant metabolite analysis, plant and yeast cell culture, transformation and transgenic biology of several plant and yeast species, with a focus on medicinal plants and plants with agronomic interests. The laboratory contains the main equipment and facilities required for all the experiments in plant molecular biology, plant cell biology and phytochemistry. The laboratory is also well equipped with biotechnology infrastructure such as climatic chambers and a dedicated room for the manipulation of in vitro plant cell cultures. Green house space for transgenic plant growth is also available at BBV. The University campus and other research centers in the region offer complementary equipment for “omic” analysis such as transcriptomic, metabolomic, and proteomic that are included in some of our programs.

BBV maintains several active research with close collaborations with Industrial partners and other French or foreigner universities including, University of Toulouse, University of Strasbourg-Colmar, University of Orléans, Antioquia Medelin Colombia, University of Essex, John Innes Center, Yale University, ….

BBV is also very close to the plant biology and physiology department of Sciences and Technical faculty ( and to the Plant cellular and biochemical biology department of faculty of Pharmacy ( that are involved in teaching cellular and molecular biology, plant Sciences, mycology and plant Biotechnology at Degree, Master and PhD level. BBV currently offers experiential internships in the lab to qualified students.