Grapevine woody tissues accumulate stilbenoids following bud burst

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du 16 novembre 2023 au 20 novembre 2025


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EA2106 BBV - Biomolécules et Biotechnologies végétales

In this collobarative work, we show that biologically active phenolic compounds, including stilbenoids,accumulate in the woody canes during bud burst.

Noronha H, Silva A, Garcia V, Billet K, Dias ACP, Lanoue A, Gallusci P, Gerós H. Grapevine woody tissues accumulate stilbenoids following bud burst. Planta. 2023 Nov 14;258(6):118. doi: 10.1007/s00425-023-04270-5.


After bud burst, a transcriptional reprogramming of the shikimate and phenylpropanoid pathways occurs in grapevine canes resulting in the accumulation of stilbenoids like resveratrol and viniferin. Stilbenoids are phenylpropanoid compounds with important biological properties and biotechnological applications that are synthesized in grapevine in response to different stresses. Although they are found in woody tissues, such as canes and buds, their biosynthesis and accumulation have been essentially described in berries. We have previously shown that transcripts encoding secondary metabolism enzymes accumulate in grapevine canes following the transition from dormancy (E-L 1) to bud burst (E-L 4) suggesting that secondary metabolites may accumulate in grapevine canes during this transition. In the present study, using UPLC-MS we demonstrate the accumulation of important metabolites such as ferulic acid and the stilbenoids E-resveratrol, E-piceatannol and E-ε-viniferin. Stilbenoids accumulation correlated with the increased expression of several stilbene synthase genes and of VviMYB14, encoding a transcription factor that regulates stilbene biosynthesis. In addition, a general stimulation of the plastidial shikimate pathway was observed. Taken together, results show that important secondary metabolites accumulate in the woody canes during bud burst. These findings may aid biotechnological approaches aimed at extracting biologically active phenolic compounds, including stilbenoids, from grapevine woody tissues.

Keywords: Phenylpropanoid pathway; Resveratrol; Shikimate pathway; Viniferin; Vitis vinifera; Woody tissues.